Pure Warter Fed Pole Window Cleaning

A Pure Water Fed Pole System is used for high level exterior window cleaning, a technology that turns ordinary tap water into the purest water in the world, creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free without cleaning chemicals or detergents.

While impurities in ordinary tap water cause spotting and streaking, pure water becomes an aggressive cleaning agent. The Pure Water Fed Pole System is a de-ionisation/ reverse osmosis system that yields 99.99% pure water. The water dries without any streaks or spots, and there is no need for any soaps or
squeegees. Windows cleaned with cleaning agents are generally left with a very fine film which eventually attracts dust and particulates. Pure water cleaning leaves windows absolutely spotless and •film-less·
meaning they will actually stay clean longer!

Another added benefit with the Pure Water Fed Pole System is that telescopic poles are used to do the cleaning. eliminating the need for ladders or lifts for accessing windows up to 60 feet. This eliminates any health and safety concerns. We are pleased to offer our customers this method of cleaning windows, which is cleaner, safer, and longer tasting.

All our window cleaners are fully trained in their given field and work to our strict health and safety guidelines at all times.

Cleaner Glass and Frames
Pure Water leaves a shine on the glass and frames without the use of chemicals. The pure water ·attracts· the dirt and grime and lifts it from almost any surface.

Environmentally Friendly
It is a completely environmentally friendly way of cleaning windows as no detergents are used. It means no more damage to buildings, lawns and planted areas from badly placed ladders and no more strange faces looking through windows unannounced!

Window cleaning can be a dangerous job and safety is our number one concern. Using Pure Water Technology and Poles allows us to clean exterior w ndows at heights up to 60′ eliminatng the need for ladders, lifts and scaffolding.